It was our pleasure to participate in the 9th Annual Ladies’ Night Out at Treviso sponsored by the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce to kick of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The theme this year was Women’s Health, Wellness and Empowerment.  At Oshins of Smiles- Dentistry for Total Body Wellness, we are committed to educating our patients on how to stay healthy, starting with their oral health.  Studies have shown that women with periodontal disease have a 14% higher risk of breast cancer.  They theorize that a systemic inflammation from periodontal disease could affect breast tissue or that oral bacteria that enter the circulatory system could affect the tissue.  Researchers also found that among women who were smokers or who had quit smoking in the previous 20 years, those with periodontal disease had a 36% higher risk of breast cancer.  As we look toward causative factors and risk factors in disease. we are seeing more studies involving bacteria and the inflammatory response.  Thank you for all who stopped by our booth to learn about this very important message.  Please visit our website for more important information or call our office for ways we help keep you smiling!