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Everyone handles stress in their individual way. Over time the accumulation of daily stress may manifest itself in the night time occurance of the grinding of one’s teeth, or the clenching of one’s jaw. This happens while sleeping and is called “bruxism.” There are other causes of bruxism such as sleep disorders, having an abnormal bite or by missing or crooked teeth. If you suffer from:

  1. fractured teeth
  2. dull headaches
  3. jaw soreness
  4. teeth that are painful or loose

Please see your dentist for an evaluation. Often being fitted with a mouth guard to wear while sleeping corrects this condition easily.

Bruxism is not limited to adults only. Often children experience teeth grinding which may be caused by:

  1. irritation in the mouth
  2. allergies
  3. misaligned teeth

A visit to your dentist to discuss your concerns about your child’s teeth grinding can correct the condition and put both the child and parent at ease.

I am presently seeing patients at an area dentist’s office and can be reached at 356-5635. I and my staff are looking forward to seeing all of our patients at our new office currently under construction in the near future.

Oshins of Smiles,

-Dr. Steven Oshins