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You may ask what the best option for your teeth is when you have pain due to an infection. We have the answer for you in the form of a dental filling! Our services at Oshins of Smiles offer composite dental fillings to fix your smile, so you can get back to your lifestyle of eating and speaking without any discomfort.

Your problem may be due to an infection, a small fracture or break, or even tooth decay. A composite filling not only fixes the problem but prevents other harmful agents and strengthens the tooth’s structure. The process doesn’t require much drilling, and afterwards, the bonding material is placed and cured with a special light.

The great things about composite dental fillings are that they require a simple procedure, blend in with your natural tooth (due to the fact your dentist can blend the resin to match your teeth), and they take less than an hour to install. They’re also made of powdered glass and plastic resin that can seep into small corners of the teeth so they can bond better to protect the tooth.

With all the benefits of composite dental fillings, you can see why many patients like this procedure for their dental care. Dr. Steven Oshins and our professional team in Guilderland, New York, want to help you get your best smile today, so give us a call at 518-356-5635 for a consultation or an appointment.