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Committed to lifelong learning and the pursuit of dental excellence for his patients, Dr. Oshins has graduated from the renowned Kois Center, the first dentist in this area to accomplish such an achievement.

Dentists need quality post graduate training that will challenge them, mentors that will guide them, and strategies to implement these new skills in their dental practice. Dr. Oshins found this at the Kois Center. He chose this rigorous path, sacrificing time away from family, home and his practice, to become that skilled expert, focused on excellence that will help his patients smile and chew for a lifetime.

The Kois Center is an advanced graduate didactic and clinical program for practicing dentists. The Center features a comprehensive, rigorous nine course curriculum, with the latest advances in esthetic, implant and restorative dentistry. Each of the nine courses are comprised of three days of actual training with months of extensive research and documentation in preparation. The curriculum enables motivated dentists to achieve extraordinary levels, expanding knowledgeable and application skills in restorative dentistry. Kois graduates are integrity-based and committed to excellence and education and doing the best for their patients.

Dr. Oshins’ attention to detail and accuracy of diagnosis, along with his experience and skilled hands provides his patients with efficient, informative individualized treatment in a cost effective manner. His patients’ dentistry is fabricated using the best materials available with a built-to-last attitude. Thanks to his training, Dr. Oshins has the skill to understand what his patients need, develop a plan that will lessen their risk for future dental problems – a plan from start to finish, that is defined by excellence. You can trust Dr. Oshins to “autograph” his work with excellence, to aim for perfection on every procedure, every day.