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When we think of dental health we may limit our concern to our teeth alone. However, irritation or sores can develop around and in our mouths. Fortunately most heal within a week or two. These sores can be caused by:

  • infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungus
  • irritation from dentures that don’t fit
    properly or ill fitting or loose orthodontic
  • a sharp, irritating edge from a broken tooth
    or filling
  • or, mouth sores can be a visible symptom
    of a disease

Please see your dentist if your mouth sores last a week or longer. Your dentist can then examine your mouth and determine the cause and origin of your mouth sore. Your dentist can assess whether you have canker sores, cold sores, oral thrush, or leukoplakia and design a treatment plan to address your specific oral condition. As summer progresses my staff and I would like to share news that our new office is under reconstruction after the fire last December, and we are looking forward to seeing our patients in the fall.

Oshins of Smiles,

– Dr. Steven Oshins