Important Tips About Toothbrush Care

Caring for your toothbrush is one of the most important tasks you can do to ensure brushing is done safely and effectively. If you are brushing with a broken toothbrush or one that has been contaminated with bacteria, you might as well not even use it because it will do more harm than good. Instead,… Read more »

Dental Preservation Treatments Can Be Applied During Your Dental Checkup

The American Dental Association is dedicated to helping consumers preserve the health of their teeth and other oral tissues. This includes brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once to remove food and bacterial deposits from your teeth. They also recommend having a routine dental checkup performed twice each year by a… Read more »

Some Minor Lifestyle Changes Can Help Preserve the Long-Term Integrity of Your Dental Veneers

The new dental veneers installed in your mouth by our dentist have been created from a special dental-grade porcelain material. They have been shaded to perfectly mimic lustrous white tooth enamel. Not only will the dental veneers immediately improve your smile’s appearance, they will also not be as receptive to future dental stains. This will… Read more »

Making Your Veneers Last

If you have minor cosmetic problems with your teeth, you may want to consider getting veneers. Veneers are thin shells, often made of porcelain that are placed over the fronts of your teeth. They can conceal stains and chips, as well as close the gaps between teeth that are unevenly spaced. Veneers will last for… Read more »

The Placement of Dental Sealants

To protect your teeth against decay, consider dental sealants. Dental sealant is painted onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from decay. While dental sealants can be used for both adults and children. When you visit for dental sealant placement, the back teeth are thoroughly cleaned by Dr. or our hygienist…. Read more »

Enhance Your Smile This Fall with Bone Grafting Treatments

Do you have any lost or missing teeth? If so, it is extremely important to have them replaced as soon as possible. A highly effective tooth replacement procedure to consider is via permanent installations known as dental implants. However dental implants require a strong jaw in order to be put in place. If your jaw… Read more »

The American Dental Association Recommends Having a Routine Dental Checkup Performed Twice Each Year

Prevention is often the most effective line of defense against oral health conditions. This starts with brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once. Maintaining this consistent daily oral hygiene routine can help remove plaque, food particles, and sugar residue before it can harden into tartar or promote cavity development. The American… Read more »

Composite Dental Fillings and What They Can do for Your Smile

You may ask what the best option for your teeth is when you have pain due to an infection. We have the answer for you in the form of a dental filling! Our services at Oshins of Smiles offer composite dental fillings to fix your smile, so you can get back to your lifestyle of… Read more »

Do These Things to Get the Most Out of Your Whitening Toothpaste

Are you hoping to whiten your smile with whitening toothpaste? If so, way to work toward a smile you love! Unfortunately, whitening toothpaste will only whiten your teeth one to two shades. A professional whitening treatment is the best way to go if you want top-notch results. However, whitening toothpaste can still benefit you. So,… Read more »

Oral Health Essentials: Tooth Replacement Therapy

If you need to replace a missing tooth, modern developments in technology have allowed a wonderful assortment of tooth-like replacements to exist that can serve you well for decades to come. This includes dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures. Dental bridges can create a strong bond with your mouth so that they will not fall… Read more »