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Guilderland, NY- Last month we talked about the advantages of a small independent neighborhood dentist…This month we go further and explain the components of good dentistry and its benefits to the patient.

Question: Have you had fillings fall out or crowns fail after a few years? I’ve seen new patients come in with crowns with underlying decay, fractured, even carrying the crown in their hand. Well, that should not happen. With quality dentistry procedures should last. But what constitutes quality dentistry?

Quality dentistry begins with the proper education of staff including the dentist taking advanced courses on a regular basis. The foundation of quality dental procedures begins with a comprehensive exam, which includes taking a thorough detailed medical and dental history, including contacting the patient’s physician where necessary. Then the findings are presented and reviewed with the patient. A comprehensive treatment plan is then developed and discussed in detail with the patient. Good dental protocol continues with the dentist spending all the time necessary to insure quality results. That includes having state of the art hi-tech equipment, low dose detailed digital x-rays, powerful microscope with adequate magnification, proper high quality cements and other materials (nothing expired or out of date), using reputable quality labs to fabricate crowns, bridges, etc. Quality dentistry means making sure all decay is removed, and ensuring the patient’s bite is balanced, a critical step. We spend the time to make sure the most attractive color shades are custom mixed for maximum patient satisfaction and cosmetic results – all time consuming details.

Educating and spending time with patients is an important component of the process, as well as quality regular cleanings. Crowns, fillings, and other procedures should last more than a few years. Good dentistry, following all important protocols, helps insure that happens. We assure our patients that our commitment to follow the highest standards is our promise to them.

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-Dr. Steven Oshins