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Anyone who has had the experience of trying to summarize the life of a beloved grandparent into a brief tribute knows how inadequate this process truly can be. How can I summarize how my grandfather’s life touched those who knew him even in the last painful and pain-filled moments of his life. Hospice nurses at St. Peters repeatedly expressed how sweet his nature was and how they understood why he was loved so genuinely. Time and time again people would share with me and my family how they were touched by his gentleness and kindness, which were truly his strengths.

His love for his family never wavered, nor did his gift of unconditional love. Into his eighties he took care of his wife of 64 years when dementia ravaged her mind, striving to live a life of quiet dignity. He based his life on living positive values. He gave back to the community in the form of service. He was a volunteer fireman, a committeeman in Rotterdam, Chairman of the Schenectady Boys club, President of the Louise Corning Senior Citizen’s Center, and President of the B’nai B’rith Tenants Association in Albany. Even in his last days in Hospice he joked that maybe he could run for chairman or President of the ward. But it was at the Parkview Apartments where he wrote his monthly articles entitled “With Oshins of Love” and gained the love and respect of many Russian immigrants living there. His articles were always positive, informative, written with care and compassion. When I sit down to write these monthly articles I feel connected to my Grandfather and the process by which he chose to communicate with his community. I hope my articles are informative and help further family dental health. “Oshins of Smiles” is my tribute to my Grandfather.

With Oshins of Smiles,

-Dr. Steven Oshins