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Dental Caries(tooth decay) is an epidemic, it’s increasing in all age groups. It’s the number one disease in the children in the US, it’s affecting adults and it’s an issue for seniors. Caries results from an imbalance between the risk factors that cause disease and the protective factors that keep people healthy. So how can we help people and get them healthy. One of the best ways to do this is through a Risk Assessment based model called CAMBRA(caries management by risk assessment). This gives us an opportunity to identify those risks for each patient, develop strategies in terms of their risk factors and recommend therapeutic products to get each patient healthy and to stay healthy.

There are five recommended treatment components prescribed for caries management and help change patient balance. These are: pH neutralization, Antibacterial therapy, Fluoride, xylitol and Nano hydroxyapatite or forms of calcium and phosphate for remineralization support. These components are found in our CariFree products we prescribe and can be a life changing experience for some patients. This is our number one priority, getting patients healthy before moving into major restorative or cosmetic makeover procedures.

So if your current home care routine is not working and you are developing new cavities we can help. We want to help you understand what the risk factors are such as biofilm challenges or salivary dysfunction issues based on the choices you are making. If your high risk today, you have a 88% chance of developing new cavities within one year if you don’t make changes.

Through caries diagnosis, treatment planning and products we can break this disease cycle. This is what we are doing in ouroffice and we invite you
A different approach to dental care….treating people better!

With Oshins of Smiles,

– Dr. Steven Oshins