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Lack of dental insurance has impeded people’s ability to achieve good oral health for far too long. Understanding the value of oral health and that the mouth is a gateway to the body is very important. According to the US Centers for disease control and prevention, about one quarter of Americans 65 and older have lost their teeth and one third have untreated tooth decay, even though poor dental health is linked to heart problems and other concerns seniors already face. And the problem is not limited to seniors. Children who are unable to seek dental attention due to lack of insurance are twice as likely to have tooth decay.

I am proud to offer QDP (Quality Dental Plan) to assist those without dental insurance. QDP is an annual savings plan for individuals and families, where I provide quality dental services at greatly reduced prices. Unlike conventional insurance plans, with QDP there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums, and no waiting periods to begin treatment. QDP benefits coverage begins immediately on plan registration. Please contact my office @ 518.356.5635 to learn more.

As always, I will continue to work hard to make you smile. Remember to brush and floss after enjoying your Easter treats!

With Oshins of Smiles,
– Dr. Steven Oshins