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New office is gorgeous and very welcoming.
-Jim F. 10/5/16
New office looks incredible.
-Brendan M. 10/5/16
Office is beautiful and clean.
-Stephanie M. 10/5/16
Dr. Oshins is leaps and bounds above my previous dentists, very well educated and intelligent.
– Neil P. 2/16/17
Work looks completely natural. Prior fillings were bulky and uncomfortable. Now everything feels wonderful and I am so pleased! Dr. Oshins does exceptional work.
-Joann L  2/21/17
13 yr old daughter I was anxious about an upcoming dental appointment to have a tooth filled for the first time, she told me not to worry because she said Dr. Oshins was the best and doesn’t hurt at all.
– Mike C. 3/1/17
Dr. Oshins is a great dentist. He really cares about doing a good job and I’ve been very happy with his work. He seems to aim for a perfect outcome. He has the technology and cameras to show you everything he finds that he feels need attention. He explained in detail what i needed done and the results look great. I know he takes advanced courses on the latest techniques and has new modern equipment so I feel confident in him and the tools and materials he uses. The results speak for themselves, and his friendly staff and nice new office make going to him a pleasant experience…
– Jack T.
I love this office! Dr. Oshins and his staff are so professional but so much fun. They take their work personal and it pays off! They make your visit run so smoothly. I definitely would recommend them!
– Catherine O.
Dr. Oshins and his staff are phenomenal!I am just about the least comfortable person in the world when it comes to sitting in the dentist chair…but their whole staff is friendly and completely accommodating. They’re thorough, explain every part of every procedure, and go out of their way to make sure their patients are totally comfortable.

I’d recommend his practice 100% and I’m grateful for having found them after a series of not-so-nice experiences with other practices.

– Kate M.
I feel confident that i’m really getting top notch care. Dr. Oshins gave me a more careful exam than I’ve ever had before. He sat down with me and showed me his findings with photos on his computer screen and explained in detail the treatment plan he proposed. His caring attitude as well as that of his friendly staff really helped me feel more comfortable. Plus I liked that he’s always taking advanced courses and teaches dentistry locally as well.
– Rochelle in Guilderland, NY
His caring attitude about doing a great job shows in the quality and professionalism of his work. Every step of the process for my various dental issues (crowns, implants, cavities, adjusting bite) was done with the utmost care and precision. I wish I had started going to him a long time ago…He’s up on the latest approaches as I know he’s taken many advanced trainings…I know a number of other patients of his who feel exactly the same way….
– Jack in Clifton Park, NY
We brought our 4 year old daughter in for her check-up with Dr. Oshins. During her initial exam Dr. Oshins noticed that her tonsils were severely enlarged and she was having difficulty breathing and so asked us if she snored. When we told him that she did he gave us a pediatric sleep questionnaire to complete. After we answered specific questions about her sleep habits, breathing and behavior during the day, he was concerned and referred us to an ENT for further evaluation and a sleep study. Because of Dr. Oshins’ recommendation a sleep study was completed, which revealed sleep apnea and the ENT doctor agreed to have her tonsils removed immediately. Ever since they were removed she does not snore anymore and has slept more soundly. She appears more alert and we’re grateful Dr. Oshins picked up on this and got us to the right doctor.
– Mike M.