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Did you know that dental crowns are designed to shield and protect teeth along with improving the look and function of your teeth? With each dental crown, a potentially unworkable tooth can be restored to its proper functionality.

Some of the best smiles are forged from dental crowns. Consider the following benefits that crowns can provide:

– Dental crowns can be used to restore broken teeth, including binding together bits of broken teeth.
– Dental crowns can add an additional layer of protection to your teeth by fully concealing a tooth on all sides above the gum line.
– Dental crowns are beneficial at repairing or restoring old dental procedures, including capping bridges, implants, and root canals.
– Dental crowns can be used to cover dental fillings. In some cases, crowns can hold teeth in place that require fillings but too little tooth remains.
– A dental crown can last over 20 years, or in some cases, an entire lifetime.
– Dental crowns can improve the look of a tooth, as they are customized to each tooth’s needs. They can also be shaded to match the natural color of your teeth.

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