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Guilderland, NY- Consumers have many choices as they look for good dental care, from large corporate practices to your small independent neighborhood dentist. In a recent article published in the Times Union newspaper, a well known dental management company was fined $450,000 for over 300 complaints concerning “quality of care, billing practices, misleading advertising, upselling of medical services and products consumers felt were unnecessary, and unclear or incomplete terms for the financing of dental care”, according to a news release.

Our dental practice is built upon patient service. We can assure you that we do not double book appointments. You are always given all the time necessary for your individual treatment whether by me or my hygienist. We use only quality materials and highly regarded reputable American labs for all your restorative work ( crowns, dentures, implants, etc..). After each patient’s comprehensive exam and before any treatment I consult with each patient and clearly explain all the dental findings and treatment recommendations. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and be actively involved in their treatment. No patient is pressed for any unnecessary services or products. We are patient driven not profit driven.

Where you and your family choose to go for dental care makes a difference – – potentially a big difference in terms of your health, satisfaction, comfort, and appearance.