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Even though your tooth enamel is tough, it is actually a porous biological substance with microscopic textures. These areas can trap dark particles from the foods and beverages you consume. This can leave you with a dull or yellow-looking smile. While retail whitening products can remove surface stains, a dental bleaching treatment with your dentist, Dr. Steven Oshins, is the safest way to remove moderate to deep stains from tooth enamel.

At the start of the dental bleaching treatment, Dr. Steven Oshins will protect your gums with a special gel or a rubber dam. A small amount of concentrated bleaching gel will then be poured into a tray that is inserted into your mouth. This will penetrate the pores on your tooth enamel and dissipate the set-in stain particles.

The tray will need to be held in place for a few minutes. The total duration of the treatment will vary depending on the severity of your tooth stains. A special ultraviolet light might also be used to further brighten your teeth.

Once your teeth have been fully whitened, you can then take further measures to maintain the brightness of your smile. This might include cutting back on certain foods, drinking dark beverages through a straw or brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste.

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