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Tooth Extractions – Guilderland, NY

When Problem Teeth Have to Go

If it were up to him, Dr. Oshins would have his patients keep all of their natural teeth for life, but unfortunately, reality often gets in the way of this goal. A tooth can sometimes become so infected or broken that repairing it simply isn’t possible, and leaving it would only allow additional problems to develop. If you or your child ever need to have a tooth removed, you can trust Dr. Oshins to do everything he can to make tooth extractions in Guilderland, NY as comfortable as possible. Then, if necessary, he can replace the tooth right away.

Why Choose Oshins of Smiles for Tooth Extractions?

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Why Would a Tooth Need to Be Removed?

Woman in need of tooth extraction holding cheek

Dr. Oshins may recommend a tooth extraction due to:

  • Extensive Decay: If a cavity has damaged most of the enamel around a tooth and the infection is likely to spread to the surrounding teeth, he will probably choose to remove it.
  • Trauma: A tooth can be so damaged that it can’t be trusted to support a filling or crown.
  • More Room: To help a new denture fit securely, or to give the teeth enough space to move in response to orthodontic treatment, Dr. Oshins may have to extract a tooth.

How a Tooth Extraction Actually Works

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

Fortunately for our patients, an extraction does NOT actually involve “pulling” a tooth. Instead, once someone’s mouth is fully numb, the tooth is gently rocked back and forth until it comes out on its own. This method leads to many patients not even realizing the procedure is over before we tell them. Some bleeding and swelling are typical afterward, but these usually abate within a few days.

Understanding the Cost of Tooth Extractions

a tooth and dental tools next to a piggy bank

Tooth extractions are typically only considered as a last resort for preserving your oral health. That’s why if your dentist recommends you undergo the procedure, it’s likely the most viable option for keeping the rest of your smile healthy and safe. Still, it’s important to know how much you’ll need to pay for the treatment so that there are no surprises. Until we can assess your smile, here are several things we’ll need to consider before determining the cost of a tooth extraction.

Factors That Can Affect Tooth Extraction Cost

a dentist explaining the cost of tooth extractions

You’ll first need to undergo an initial consultation with our team so that we can thoroughly evaluate your tooth and situation. Afterward, we can develop a more precise cost estimate so that you can know what to expect when it’s time to pay. Several factors that can impact the overall price of tooth extractions include:

  • Location in the mouth : Often the front teeth are much simpler to remove compared to the molars at the back of your mouth, which can influence the cost of the treatment.
  • Quantity : Removing a single tooth will usually cost less to perform than having to extract multiple teeth.
  • Complexity : Not every tooth extraction is the same, as your tooth might be fully erupted or impacted. Those that are beneath the gum line will require a more complicated process, which will increase the price of the procedure.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Tooth Extractions?

a person holding a tablet for dental insurance

Most dental insurance companies will offer some coverage for about half of the total price of tooth extractions once you’ve met the deductible. Still, you’ll want to verify the specifics of your benefits, as there may be certain limitations before they can kick in, such as only covering a particular number of teeth or a waiting period. Since every policy varies between patients, be sure to consult your provider before moving forward with your treatment. You can also speak with our expert team as we’ll be happy to answer your questions and work with your insurance plan to help make the most of your coverage.

How to Make Tooth Extractions Affordable

a patient smiling while her dentist checks her teeth

If you don’t have dental insurance at the moment, you might be able to explore alternative methods for minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses. For instance, our team is proud to work with a third-party financier known as CareCredit, who can split the cost of dental treatments into smaller monthly payments that usually come with low-to-zero interest. You’ll be able to focus more on preserving your oral health while keeping more in the bank in the long run!

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