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Why Does My Tooth Need to Be Extracted If It Doesn’t Hurt?

November 3, 2023

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patient preparing to undergo tooth extraction

If you’ve got a seriously damaged or painful tooth, there might be a need for a tooth extraction. The thought of having a tooth pulled can be nerve-wracking, and it’s normal to feel uneasy about it. However, your dentist will only suggest extraction if the tooth is beyond repair. Sometimes, they might advise pulling the tooth even if it’s not causing any pain. Keep reading to understand why a tooth extraction may be necessary, even in the absence of pain.

Why Tooth Extraction Is Sometimes Necessary

Your natural teeth play crucial roles in biting, chewing, and speaking, and dentists make it a priority to preserve them whenever they can. Yet, there are instances where a tooth reaches a point of irreparability, and extraction becomes essential to uphold overall oral health. It’s crucial to understand that some of these situations may not manifest obvious symptoms or cause pain, taking you by surprise.

5 Common Reasons for Resorting to Tooth Extraction

What are a few of the reasons you might need a tooth pulled, even if there’s no pain involved? Here are some typical factors that might lead to undergoing this procedure:

  • Irreparable damage due to severe decay – If a tooth undergoes severe decay and infection, and root canal therapy proves ineffective in resolving the issue, extraction may be required to prevent the spread of infection.
  • A viable solution to periodontal disease – Neglected gum disease can result in the loosening of teeth and may even contribute to other significant health problems. In certain situations, extraction might be considered as an option to tackle the issue.
  • A tooth has become impacted – Impacted teeth, like wisdom teeth, are teeth obstructed from fully emerging. Typically, extracting impacted teeth is advised to prevent harm to neighboring teeth and lower the risk of potential infection.
  • To eliminate overcrowding – For sure, fella. When the mouth is overcrowded, extraction can be used to make space and promote proper teeth alignment, especially before undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Necessary after an accident – Absolutely, fella. Unexpected accidents or physical trauma can sometimes cause significant damage to teeth. While treatments like crowns and bridges can be used to tackle the damage, there are situations where extraction becomes necessary to effectively manage the situation.

Certainly, fella. Even if some of these situations don’t cause immediate pain, they can have significant consequences if not dealt with promptly. Fortunately, tooth extraction can often act as a preventive measure, halting the progression of these problems and safeguarding the overall health of your smile!

About the Practice

Certainly, fella. Oshins of Smiles is dedicated to assisting you in restoring missing teeth for a complete and beautiful smile. Under the leadership of Dr. Steven Oshins, they provide tooth extractions for individuals experiencing toothaches and other worrisome oral health issues, aiming to restore their smiles. If you have inquiries about their services or wish to schedule a visit with the Oshins of Smiles team, feel free to reach out to their office at (518) 356-5635 or visit their website.

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